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Kids Brim Hats: Do They Really Protect Your Little One From The Sun?

Who doesn’t like to see little kids running on the beach wearing brim hats? Yes, we know how cute they can look, especially when it is your own little kiddo. However, brim hats can do a lot more for your kid than just making them look super cute. What are we talking about? Well, what if we tell you that brim hats are more than a fashion accessory and an absolute need for your little one? Yes, it’s true.
Do you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics states that parents should avoid applying sunscreen on toddlers aged less than 6 months? Does this mean you can’t take your little one to the beach? Obviously, you can and you should because taking your toddler to the beach is one of the best experiences, and you must not choose not to have it. So, what must you do to ensure your little munchkin stays protected at the beach? Let’s figure it out.

To avoid applying sunscreen, most parents take the help of sunglasses to help avoid damage to their little ones’ developing eyes. However, kids, especially toddlers, are not very patient when it comes to sunglasses and keep on removing them after every few minutes. Thus, you will need something sturdier that is not that easy to remove and can protect your baby. It is when brim hats come into the picture. Yes, this fashionable accessory can protect your little one from sun damage. Wondering why brim hats are the best choice for the job? Well, let’s find out the answer.

Why Are Brim Hats The Best Choice For Sun Protection?

Hat’s don’t hesitate when it comes to sun protection. And when it comes to which hat does this job the best, the answer is always “brim hats.” Let’s check why brim hats are the best choice to protect your toddler from sun damage.

Covers A Wide Area

While different hat types cover different areas of the forehead, brim hats surround the head, providing protection to both the face and the back along with the sides. Thus, by choosing baby brim hats for toddlers, you will be covering not only their heads but most of the parts of their bodies. So, the sunlight will fall only on a minimal or no part of their body, ensuring sun protection. 

Improves The Sun Protection Factor

Do you know wearing a hat that covers your face, back, and side can increase the sun protection factor? Yes, choosing a wide-brim hat can improve the sun protection factor by up to 10%. Thus, your little munchkin will enjoy the benefits of SPF 10 without having to put on any sunscreen. 

Protects From Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight not only can cause sun damage but can irritate your little one’s eyes. Thus, it is important to ensure that direct sunlight doesn’t fall over him. Yes, you can take advantage of a UV-protected Umbrella, but ensuring your little one stays in one place all the time isn’t possible, especially if you have a naughty one by your side. Thus, having a brimmed hat over his head will do the job well whenever he slips off from the umbrella’s shade. 

Note: For extra protection, you can always add sunglasses, but they are never a substitute for brim hats. You can keep a separate bag for your little one with all the essentials, like the Sun smart beach bag

Best Kids Brim Hats That Will Really Stay On Your Little One’s Head

Finding a brim hat that works for your little one can become easily overwhelming because of the choices available in the market. Also, most often, parents invest too much in a brimmed hat with high hopes, and then the hat either keeps falling from the little one’s head or it is too easy to remove for them. If you are a parent who has shopped for hats, you must know what we are talking about.

When a hat keeps on falling from your munchkin’s head, every time it is off, the head of your little one is prone to sun damage. Don’t want that to happen? Let’s look at the sturdier choices you have got. Don’t worry. We have taken care of the cute and sun protection factor as well while making our picks. 

Brim Hat – Sun Protection – Blue & White Stripes


Why We Like It: Most parents look for darker colors when buying baby brim hats for toddlers. And yes, we understand how easily kids can get their hats dirty at the beach. Thus, we have picked the blue and white striped hats to solve the issue completely. Other than a darker tone, the hat can be worn with almost everything in your little one’s wardrobe, and thus, it deserves to be in there.

Things To Note: Darker colors protect better from the sun than lighter ones. Thus, by choosing the blue & white striped brim hat, you are adding an additional boost of sun protection to your kid’s beach look.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large

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Brim Hat – Sun Protection – Ivory


Why We Like It: Well, without a doubt, Ivory is a color that goes with everything beaches and holidays are about. The color aligns with purity and elegance, which gives it a significant meaning and makes it the right choice for your munchkin. Also, how can we ignore how cute the toddler looks wearing this hat and how well it is protecting him? 

Things To Note: The hat is made with sun-protective material, and thus, you won’t have to worry about sunburns and sun damage. While being made of sun-protective material, the kid’s brim hat is super comfy, and the picture is a proof of it. So, if you are a parent whose child doesn’t wear hats because they find the fabric uncomfortable, this hat should be your must-buy.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large

Brim Hat – Sun Protection – Beige & White Stripes


Why We Like It: Made with sun-protective fabric, the wide-brim sun hat comes in neutral shades of beige & white. Thus, no matter which outfits your little one is wearing; it can go with everything. Also, because of the neutral color, you can use it not only on the beach but every time you step out with your little munchkin. 

Things To Note: Since the hat is made of sun-protective fabric, it is not stretchable. Thus, always measure the size perfectly before ordering. Confused about which size to order? If you buy stretchable hats for your kiddo, it’s better to go for a size up.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large

Brim Hat – Sun Protection – Red Hearts

brim-hat for-kids-sun-protection-red-hearts

Why We Like It: Can we first adore how cute this hat is? The hat is the perfect summation of cuteness and the sun’s protective factor. Having a white base with red printed hearts all over it, the hat can make your little one stand out in the crowd. Want to show everyone who the cutest baby is? Shop this hat right now! 

Things To Note: The fabric of the cap is not stretchable hence measure the size well before ordering. 

Options Available: 6 to 12 months old, 1 to 2 years old

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