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UPF Protective Bucket Hats For Kids: No Sunburn This Summer

Are you excited for summer? Because we are. It’s time for beach visits and making your little one wear cute swimwear. But what we are most crazy about are the cutest bucket hats.

These hats are not only one of the most adorable kids’ accessories but are also super helpful in protecting your little one from the sun’s heat. Having a history that dates back to the 1900s, these hats are a must-have for your little ones’ wardrobe. 

If you love bucket hats like us and want to buy them for your little munchkin, your ship has landed at the right shore. Let’s figure out everything there is to know about bucket hats. 

Why Do You Need A Bucket Hat For Your Kid?

Bucket hats have always been around. For kids or adults, they make everyone look adorable. They are again gaining momentum in 2023 because of their usage. Going to the beach or even just casually scrolling at the park has become easier with bucket hats on the heads. There are a few reasons why bucket hats are so in demand. Also, these factors should be the reason why you should keep bucket hats handy for your kids. 

Here is the list of reasons that will make you fall in love with the idea of having a bucket hat.


No matter if you are taking your baby to the park, beach, supermarket, or for a hike. Bucket hats are lightweight and usually made with blended cotton, which is breathable. Therefore, this ensures your kid stays relaxed and comfortable even on the most humid summer days.

Easy to carry

Bucket hats are constructed with a flexible structure that makes them easy to fold and carry anywhere. You can fold them and bring them around, even in a purse. Yes, they are that easy to carry. So if you plan a trip or even a day out at the beach or picnic at the park, you can cover your kid with a bucket hat.

Sun protection

Bucket hats don’t only look stylish, but they are beneficial as well. They are wide hats that can easily cover the face, eyes, neck, and ears. It provides full coverage and maximum protection from UV radiation damage and premature aging. 


Bucket hats do not just protect the sun but also are fashionable pieces of accessories. They give a retro vibe, and you can style them for any party or outing. If you want to make your baby look effortlessly stylish, then bucket hats are a style you should opt for. 


The best feature of bucket hats is that they are very versatile. They come in many prints, sizes, colors, and materials. Bucket hats make a great accessory and complement a wide range of outfits. Above all, they can be easily worn anywhere, from casual street walks to fun parties. Make your kids’ costumes a lil more fun by adding bucket hats to them.


Another factor that will make bucket hats a part of your outfit is that they are readily available everywhere. You can buy them traditionally at a shop or online through different websites. They are easily accessible and affordable accessories that can alleviate any look effortlessly. 


Bucket hats are the optimal unisex accessory that anyone can wear regardless of gender. People of all ages prefer bucket hats as a primary source of sun protection. Bucket hats were a big hit in the 90s and are coming back in this age and time. These hats are a great way that let people express their true style through fashion. Men, women, kids, and adults can wear bucket hats without confronting traditional norms.

Tip For Having The Perfect Look With Bucket Hats


You may have picked out a cute swimsuit for your baby to wear at the beach, but have you thought about completing the look with a bucket hat? Bucket hats look great at the beach. They are not just stylish but also provide excellent protection from the sun. Here are a few tips you can try for your kid’s next beach look.

Put On Bright-Colored Hats


There are many colors and designs available in the market that you can easily find. Little kids look so good in bright colors, and it compliments their smiles. It is good to have a bucket hat that has a vibrant color. This can make your baby’s whole outfit stand out. 

Try Monochromatic Look


Create a monochromatic look where the bucket hat matches your baby’s outfit. Your kid can rock a monochromatic look for a party or a casual day out. Create a cohesive color scheme with the hat and the outfit.

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Different Bucket Hats To Choose From

Bucket hats are the ideal hats that you can wear casually or on special occasions. They can be packed in a bag and are easy to carry around. They are not just stylish, but they are functional as well.

If you are looking for the best bucket hat picks for your toddler, we have got you covered. Check out our finest bucket hat finds to simplify your search. 

Here is a list of bucket hats you can choose for your kids.

Checkered Green – Bucket Hat


With the rapidly changing weather, knowing the best way to protect our kids is hard. The checkered green hat is a cute bucket hat that looks good on baby boys and girls. Its classic design makes your kid look adorable while protecting them from heat and pollution. This bucket hat has sun-protective material that blocks 97.5% UV radiation. It is an easy-to-carry hat that you can carry anywhere with you. 

Blue Floral Bucket Hat


The adorable floral hat is made to beat the heat and provide complete protection from the sun. The hat is made with sun-protective fabric that provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun. This blue bucket hat is super cute, and all kids can wear it regardless of gender. This comfortable hat has breathable material and is easy to carry. So, let your kids enjoy the sun without worrying about the harm of UV rays. 

Pink Floral Bucket Hat


A cute pink floral bucket hat for baby girls will protect them from the sun while making them look adorable. This bucket hat comes with an adjustable chin tie that will prevent the hat from falling. This hat’s broad brim protects the baby’s eyes, ears, and face. This hat is ready to wear and an easily packable accessory that looks good and protects from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Yellow Bucket Hat


No more sun damage; now keep your kid sun protected with this yellow unisex bucket hat made from sun-protective material with UPF 50 protection. So taking your kids out in the sun becomes easy. This lightweight hat is constructed with a flexible material that makes it easy to carry around. Your little one will look adorable while wearing this bucket hat paired with their swimsuit on the beach. 

Two-Toned Bucket Hat


The two-toned bucket hat is designed to accompany your child for all the summer activities they want. Soft and comfortable material lets the skin breathe throughout the day. The fabric is made from sun-protective material with UPF 50+ protection which provides maximum shielding from UV radiation. The hat’s wide brim protects the face, eyes, and ears from the sun, and your baby can play all day without interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bucket hats have been in the fashion game for as long as we can remember. Even in 2023, bucket hats are trending. They continue to dominate the fashion game in hat accessories due to their adaptability and versatility. They will likely stay popular now as their functionality makes accessing and carrying them around easier.
Every gender and people of all ages wear bucket hats. Men, women, children or adults, everyone looks good wearing bucket hats. This is another reason for the popularity of bucket hats. You can style bucket hats for almost every occasion. A casual day out or a late-night party can become stylish by adding a bucket hat to your outfit.
Bucket hats have a wide brim area. They are around in nature, enough to cover your face and neck. Bucket hats provide excellent protection against the harmful rays of the sun. It keeps the pollution, dirt and dust from touching your face and hair.
Broad-brimmed bucket hats cover a wider surface area, protecting your eyes, ears, face and neck. Whereas a cap only protects the eyes and is mainly worn by sports players. So yes, bucket hats are better at shielding a person from the sun.
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