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UV Protection Umbrella: How Are They Different And Why Do You Need Them?


Gone are the days when we used to pull out an umbrella only when the sky was pouring. As the times have changed, so are the uses of umbrellas. With people learning more about the damage the sun can cause to their skin, umbrellas have become a staple in the sun protection industry. Thus, you can easily witness people on the beaches or in parks on hot sunny days of summer using an umbrella to prevent the sun’s direct rays from falling over them. 

However, people often pull out the same umbrella when it needs protection from sun and rain. Well, let us tell you there are different umbrellas for both uses. If you are using an umbrella for sun protection, then you must go with a UV Protection Umbrella. 

Wondering what is a UV protection umbrella and how is it different from our rainy-day umbrella? And why should you use it for sun protection? Let’s find out the answers.

What Is The Difference Between Regular & UV Protection Umbrellas?

The normal rainy-day umbrellas are made with circular pieces of fabric that protect the people from rain. At the same time, a UV Protection Umbrella or Parasola is constructed with a thinner canopy fabric known to be UV resistant. Well, what does it mean? It basically means that the fabric used in this umbrella will resist the direct sun rays falling over your skin. This fabric is basically lighter than that used in rain umbrellas to make the umbrella surface breathable during hot, humid days. In contrast, rainy umbrellas have a more durable fabric and a sturdier design to protect you during heavy winds, snow, and rainfall. Thus, the sun protection factor isn’t much considered when producing rain umbrellas. 

Umbrella Fact: Investing in a high-quality UV Protective umbrella can prevent up to 99 percent of sunrays from falling on your skin.

How amazing is it? You can easily stay protected from the sun rays and the damage they cause to your skin, and all you have to do is carry a UV-protective umbrella with you wherever you go. 

Well, now that we know why we should use sun umbrellas, let’s move on to the exact role they can play in sun protection.

Is UV Protective Umbrella Enough To Provide Protection Against The Sun?

Well, the answer is no. However, not in any way; it means that you must not have a Parasola over your head whenever you walk outside on a sunny day. Wondering why so? Well, umbrellas provide an additional layer of security from the sun’s rays and provide you with cooler, shaded areas and relief to enjoy the sunny days better. But most of this shade can miscommunicate complete protection to you. This leads us to our next question, are UV Protection Umbrellas a substitute for Sunscreens? 

A UV Protective umbrella protects your skin from the direct rays of the sun falling over it. Thus, it reduces the risk of sunburn and heat strokes. However, there are many other factors to consider for complete sun protection. A UV protective umbrella is less or noneffective in cases of protection from indirect or scattered UV light. Thus, pairing it with an SPF 30 + sunscreen is absolutely important. Also, if you plan to stay completely protected, remember to reapply the sunscreen every two hours. And invest in sun-protective clothing, especially for your little one. Why? Because applying sunscreen on toddlers below six months of age is not advised. So, protecting your toddlers with sun-protective kids accessories, including UV-protective umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, and beachwear, is the best choice. 

Now that you know everything about why you should have a UV blocker umbrella in your sun protection kit, it’s time to know what are the key things you should look for while buying a UV protective umbrella.

How To Choose A UV Protective Umbrella That Works For You?

If it’s your first time buying a UV Umbrella, there must be some questions on your mind. It might include what you should be paying, whether there are any factors that you need to check in a UV protective umbrella before buying it, and more. Well, if yes, don’t worry. You are not alone; we are here for you to help out with everything related to UV-protective umbrellas. 

Let’s check out the qualities your UV Protective Umbrella should have

Fabric Efficiency

What is the worst thing to happen after using a UV protective Umbrella? Indeed it is getting a sunburn. Yes, we know you won’t feel good if the same happens. Thus, it is important to use a high-quality UV protective umbrella. Therefore, never compromise in terms of quality to make an economical purchase. 

Buy From An Expert Brand

There are many brands like SunSmart available in the market which deal only in UV blocker wear and accessories. These brands have a cutting edge over others as they are deemed to be experts in the field. So, who do you want to trust, a seller who sells everything from summer, winter, beach, non-UV protective, and UV protective clothing, or a producer who deals with only UV-protective clothing and accessories? The choice is all yours. 

The Right Size

A UV protective umbrella that may protect you well may not do the job when you are walking with 1-2 of your friends. If you do so, your shoulder, side of the face, or back will continue to sneak out from the shade of an umbrella, and you may end up getting sunburned on the exposed area. Thus, always check your requirement before picking the size of your UV protective umbrella. 

Also, most of the companies provide UV-protective umbrellas in standard sizes only. You can still find some large-size options available across the web.

Looking for a few UV Protective Umbrella recommendations that cover all the aspects? We have got you some.

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High-Quality UV Protective Umbrellas To Buy

Searching for a high-quality UV protective umbrella with so many choices available in the market can easily overwhelm anyone. And yes, we know you already have a lot on your plate and do not want to spend hours scrolling and checking every sun protection umbrella the internet has to offer. Thus, to simplify your search for the best sun-protective umbrellas, here are our few recommendations. Don’t worry; we have kept each factor that a good UV protective umbrella should have in mind while picking these options for you. 

SunShade UV Umbrella – Sunshine Yellow


Built with super sturdy material and high-quality sun-protective fabric, this UV protective umbrella comes in bright yellow. The color choice makes it an ideal buy for beaches and pool vacations. Also, if you are a woman who takes her looks very seriously, then the sunshade UV umbrella is your best buy. Why? Well, this shade of yellow goes well with everything and can elevate your look within a span of seconds. So, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, sun protection, and better style. What’s more? The UV protective umbrella is currently on sale, so you can get it at economical prices as well.  

SunShade UV Umbrella – Baby Blue


Are you looking for a sturdy sun-protective umbrella for your little ones that is not too heavy to hold but strong enough to make it through with them? If yes, the sunshade UV Umbrella- Baby Blue is your best buy. Being one of the sturdiest and lightest UV protective umbrellas out there, this UV umbrella knows how to take care of your munchkins. Other than that, the blue of the umbrella is lesser prone to getting dirty, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of cleaning it daily. Also, the seller always has great deals available on the product, so you won’t be spending too much while ensuring complete sun protection for your little ones. 


The role played by sun-protective umbrellas is quite different from a UV-protective umbrella. Also, there are differences in the manufacturing and raw material choices of both products. It emphasizes that using your rainy day umbrella on a sunny day may not be effective against sun damage. Thus, you need to invest in a high-quality UV protective umbrella that is capable of bearing the weather conditions of your location.

Sun damage is a real thing and is a leading cause of diseases like skin infections, burns, and skin cancer. Ensure the complete safety of yourself and your loved ones by investing in the best UV Protective Umbrellas Today!

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